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{.:.am-air-uh-can//part2//jellyfish in the sky.:.}

Hello all, I would first like to take a moment to recognize the freedoms we have been given–prime example? Freedom of speech. I get to sit online for a little while every day, telling all of you how my day is going, what clothes I am wearing, and whatever else I feel like discussing. All because of our freedom. So thanks to that and our Founding Fathers and all that jazz.

What are my plans for celebrating Independence Day? Well, first of all, I will be finishing my DiY projects that I started in my new weekly installment of “fri-diy.” Am-air-uh-can flag shorts + tee-shirt (hopefully, if I can finish it!) + swimming this afternoon in this lovely weather + bbq sandwiches + fireworks this evening.

DiY shorts project:

I started out with a pair of DKNY jeans that don’t fit anymore…

I used fabric chalk and scissors to cut the shorts to 4″ above the knee.

I expanded the seams of the shorts using a pair of plaid boxers, used the cut-off pants legs to make the cuffs of the shorts, and painted white stars on one side and red stripes on the other side.

Patriotic attire.

Not sure what I’m doing with my fingers in this photo…

My patriotic outfit: 1776 United tee-shirt ($30.00), DiY DKNY flag shorts ($3.00), plaid All Stars ($45.00), Ray Ban sunglasses ($10.00)= $88.00

Time it took to get ready: 15 minutes

Alterations: 1 (made jeans into shorts, listed above)

Days left: 18   ;   Outfits left: 39

My day was finished off with fireworks over the lake.

It was a lovely show, even if my camera doesn’t do it justice.

{.:.this looks am-air-uh-can//part1.:.}

My plans for this weekend? Camping and canoeing with the family.

Water shoes? Check. Shorts? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen for all of us who are not fortunate enough to tan? Check…Water shoes? Whoops. Forgot those.

I left early this morning to get a cheap pair so that I wouldn’t make my plaid Chucks any more worn out than they already are.

In case you’re curious as to what I am doing, let me just fill you in; my little brother was insistent upon annoying me. To avoid the annoyance, I therefore kicked him–this is mid-kick.

What I wore camping: Invisible Children handmade trucker hat ($5.00), Old Navy shorts ($15.00),  Plaid All Stars ($45.00), tribal tank ($8.00), Target swimsuit ($15.99), Ray Ban sunglasses ($10.00)=$98.99

Time it took to get ready: 6 minutes (I had to put my short hair into pigtails)

Alterations: 0

Days left: 19   ;   Outfits left: 39

This cute little doggie was laying on the floor inside of the cabin where we checked in for canoeing. He laid like this…waiting…for some lovin’.

{.:.and i’m coming to these terms that my heart won’t beat anymore.:.}

I have gotten today’s posts out-of-order; my apologies. This is the outfit I wore to work today: Mossimo Target tank ($9.99), Anthropologie mini jacket ($62.00), DKNY jeans ($15.00), Emerald green flats ($2.99)=$89.98

Time it took to get ready: 20 minutes

Alterations: 0

Days left: 22   ;   Outfits left: 42

{.:.and then my soul saw you and it kind of went ‘oh there you are. i’ve been looking for you’.:.}

Went to dinner at Edo. MM sushi.

Date outfit: Floral maxi dress ($12.50), Italian leather sandals ($35.00), ribbon for hair ($0.25)=$37.75

Time it took to get ready: 10 minutes

Alterations: 0

Days left: 22   ;   Outfits left: 43

{.:.they made a statue of us and put it on a mountain top.:.}

Sorry I’m getting this post updated a little late, it was saved in my drafts. Whoops! More to come!!

Well a “Happy Tuesday” to you, too! It is going to be a long, long day. This morning started with getting up 20 minutes early to take my older sister to her vehicle, which was left at my dad’s house. As a reward for getting up early, I got a Red Eye (espresso + French roast) and a honey/cranberry/almond bagel. Talk about yumm-o! I think I may be a bagel convert!

Plans tonight include lots of girl time with my two sisters–we are going to continue our tradition of seeing the Twilight saga in theaters at midnight. I just might pass out. Another Red Eye will be a necessity, no doubt. We will watch the first two as a recap and order pizza.

What am I wearing today? Another one of the deals I got while out-of-town was this Christopher Deane knotted halter ($2.50), Urban Outfitters nautical sweater ($29.99), H&M black shorts ($24.99), Charles Albert orange suede wedges($5.00)=$62.48

Time it took to get ready: 17 minutes (I timed myself this morning!) to get dressed, do my hair, and apply minimal makeup

Alterations: 2 (the halter has a keyhole in the front of it, so I pinned a small square of lace in it and I also had to roll up my pants, yet again)

Days left: 23   ;   Outfits left: 44

One of my favorite artists is Regina Spektor. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are always unique–“Us” is off on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and I am in love with it!

{.:.your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair.:.}

Want a sneak peek of the deals I’ve gotten over the weekend in the “Burg” ?

Oscar Blandi Ancore Colore rosso…mmm I do love a great bargain–original price, $33.00. I got mine from UAL for a mere $4.99.

I also got some great deals on children’s clothes for the kids I babysit, so will post those photos tomorrow.

Goodnight all!

Song that went through my head as I purchased this item: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton