My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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// 2014, let’s do this.

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Of course I could make 1 million resolutions to be a better human–to drink less, to design more, to make my own clothing, to eat healthier, to go jogging (literally my least favorite activity), to read more than 75 books, to spend less money on things I don’t need….but I think I would like to take this year a lot like I did 2012. I am just making resolutions that will make me happier, make me smarter, and don’t have astringent guidelines. Because everyone knows that I would only eat healthy and exercise until approximately March before I broke into a McDonald’s and feasted on fifteen cheeseburgers.

Dear 2014, let’s be content. Let’s dance when we want and let’s eat more cheese than should be allowed and let’s have wine with friends (both old and new) and let’s read things that are great and also those that aren’t. Let’s have coffee and work on perfecting the at-home cappuccino and let’s enjoy every step of the grueling process of building a portfolio. And let’s visit new places full of new memories. Let’s just do it all and remember to help others when we can, and as much as possible. Let’s own up to the bad TV shows we are so fond of and let’s laugh at ourselves more than we laugh at others.

2014, I think I’m ready. To be an adult, to grow, to learn, and to be content.



// Ninesday (edibles).

9. To get you all in the mood for the Ninesday, food edition–

8. This week, I’ll be making my sandwiches in advance, so that I can sleep in that extra fifteen minutes every morning. This Green Goddess grilled cheese from Tastespotting will definitely hit the spot. Avocado + mozzarella + toast + pesto + OMG CAN’T WAIT.

7. I’m really excited to try this quinoa stir fry bowl. I found the recipe on The Almost Vegan’s blog. I’ll probably nix the yard fungus mushrooms and add snow peas.


6. Those of you who know me know that I love quinoa. It’s one of my favorite go-to ingredients. Thanks to Eating Well Living Thin, I can even add it to my veggie burgers. And this time, I will chop the onions really small. Unlike that one time, which caused the burgers to smoosh into blobs of black bean goop. Some of you know what I’m talking about.

5. After downloading the A Beautiful Mess photo app, I mosey’d over to her blog to see what’s new with Elsie. And in doing so, I stumbled onto recipes for summer tarts. Talk about yummy! Also a bonus: I can reuse many of the groceries I already purchased this week.

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4. Turkish Carrots & Lentils with Herbs, thanks to the Splendid Table. I’m most excited about this recipe because a) I have lentils and no idea what to use them for and b) because it seems like something that will last a little while in the refrigerator. Which is always a bonus, when cooking for yourself.

3. With summer in full swing, I’ve been dying to make recipes with tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red tomatoes, green tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes…you name it, I want to try it. And the Flourishing Foodie has made that possible. A tomato quiche, you say? I think I’ll make mine with gouda. Bon apetit!


2. Well, while most of my cooking is done at home and most of my dining out is at places with paper menus, plastic forks, and coffee sleeves, I do really enjoy a nice restaurant here-and-there. I think I’ll splurge a little and try out this vegetarian restaurant that was featured on NPR a few months back–Dirt Candy. Because really, “anyone can cook a hamburger, [we should] leave the vegetables to the professionals.”

1. I have a confession: I’m a bit of a wino. Not in an addictive manner, but I really, really love wine. I think it adds that extra flavor profile to your dinner (and can cover up any kitchen accidents). And, of course, those wine glasses just make you feel fancy.

Next confession: I’m not necessarily a connoisseur, by any means. When trying out new ingredients or toting a bottle along for a dinner party, I have no idea what I should be bringing. My go-to? A red. Yep, that’s about as specific as I get. I much prefer red wine. I have stumbled upon this really excellent list of tips for wine & cheese pairing. And I’ll be putting them to use. So don’t everyone invite me over for your freshly baked tomato quiches made with fancy, fancy cheeses all at once.

Crustinis galore.

I’ve grown quite fond of cooking, even when just for myself. Simple dinner–toasted rye bread + herb goat cheese + spinach + homegrown tomatoes + feta cheese. Simple dessert–toasted rye bread + honey goat cheese + strawberries + drizzled in honey.

And isn’t that the fanciest corkscrew you’ve EVER seen? The perks of babysitting for a foodie are endless.

Once upon a time, there were resolutions. And there still are.

Remember that time I made a really long list of NYE resolutions? I think it’s time for some accountability–this is where I am, four months later. How is everyone else doing? I would love an update from all of you (I’ve seen where Allison is, so follow suit!).

Number 1:

For my first resolution, I have watched

I probably have a ton more to add, but these are the only ones I can think of for now.

Number 2:

Onward to resolution number two! Okay, so I have truthfully only made two things for this (click on the photos for the original chef’s posts!). I haven’t had time to cook at home, unfortunately. I have been eating at Amsterdam an ungodly amount of time, due to its proximity to Gnu’s Room and Faunhouse. Chipotle has been frequented, as well. Otherwise, I have some work to do. I did organize my bookmarks very well, so hopefully there will be more recipes made soon!

Number 3:

I think I’ve been a little bit more social this semester? I frequent the $1 Taco Tuesday at a local bar, have gone to a few local shows (and will be at the upcoming Boogie, if any of you would like to come, as well!), and made something for the student fashion show. It would be easier if I were taking fewer classes. There’s still more than half of the year to complete this! I’m not worried.

Number 4:

I am not a cent closer to buying a gaming system, nor having a television to play games on. Let’s skip this one for now. Maybe when I work more this summer?

Number 5:

New music searching has gone oh-so well! Here are my finds, so far. You’ve seen some of them on my Ninesday posts!

Number 6:

Where am I on my quest for NYC this coming NYE? Well…I’m paying for Bonnaroo, first.

Number 7: 

And, finally, getting back in touch with myself. It’s a long process. Apparently, I like lots of things I forgot about. And I want to do things that I’ve been ignoring for the last two years. I’ve read so many books thus far! And I’ve started writing again. I’ve met some new people that are so uplifting and encouraging–I do love them. It’s nice. Things are going well. As overwhelmed as I have been, and as frustrated as I have gotten–it is well.

I could have danced, danced, danced all night.

So many beautiful things to report–other than my tests. Birthday celebrations continued between cramming for midterms.

Nadene, Alyssa, Sara, and I made dinner on Thursday night. I finally got to make the Smitten Kitten recipe I’ve been talking about since this post!

Note: I’m going to try to revive my very aged digital camera and see if I can get better photos with that than my iPhone.

Nadene had a yummy recipe for Shepherd’s pie!

(the BB pie was Sara’s vegetarian version)

I got to come home for the weekend! Yay! It was lovely to see everyone! Friday night, I got Bandito and had Lefthand Milk Stout, courtesy of Nicholas. Then, we had a group of people watch The Human Centipede. Luckily, everyone talked enough that I hardly focused on the movie. Which was gross. And disturbing.

On Saturday night, after a full day of shopping with my family, we saw one of my favorite plays, My Fair Lady with my older sister, Kelsey, and my Nana.

I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, & still have begged for more. I could have spread my wings & done a thousand things I’ve never done before.


9. I really like this song. And this video makes me want to play with paint. And dance.

8. Charlotte’s Fancy linked to some really cute designs by Henrietta Swift. I’m dying to wallpaper at least one kitchen wall with these ice cream cones!

7. I want to make some of these! Or at least support this artist. Her needlework is amazing!

6. These are just the cutest little cards I ever did see.

5.I have the movie picked out for Allison and I’s next Netflix movie date: Mammoth.

4. What an adorable Valentine’s Day print. Even though I’m posting after Valentine’s Day.

3. I’m glad I’ve been saving all of my corks as of late!

2. OH.MY.GOD. IKEA Hackers. New favorite blog. Well, it’s added to the favorite blog lineup.

1. Still interested in DiY workspaces and organization.

After a lovely weekend, back to reality / Recap.

Here’s a recap of my weekend:

Friday night, I attended the Layman Group‘s annual Carnivale Gala and Masquerarde Ball. It was so fun! Hilary [happy 23rd birthday!], Megan, and I got dressed up, made our own masks, and danced the evening away. I didn’t get many pictures, but these are what I have (all but the first photo are from The Layman Group’s Facebook page; the face I’m making in shot of all three of us is rather unfortunate)–

The highlight of the evening was Adventure the Great, one of my favorite local bands playing.

On Saturday, I spent the entire day in Atlanta with Sarah and Adam, as we attended the Southeastern Regional Barista competition. It was intense. None of us competed, but it was great to be surrounded by people who were so passionate about coffee! After the competition, we did our own personal ATL coffee tour. Here are the shops we visited:

First stop: Octane; one of their employees won the brewer’s cup at the competition!

What I got: organic, local yogurt with in-house baked granola & iced latte

Rating: 4 out of 5; it was an iced latte, so many people think you can’t really mess that up. However, there’s a lot of distinction in iced lattes. The shot was timed perfectly and their organic milk brought out the flavor.

Second stop: Condesa Coffee

What I got: 12 oz latte

Rating: 5 out of 5; Adam had straight espresso, Sarah got a macchiato, and I got a latte. Then they sent us a free chai so that we could get even more variety. This was one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. They used a light roast espresso, which gave the espresso a tangier taste than that of many shops.

Third stop: Java Vino

What I got: macchiato & honey/lemon mini tart

Rating: 2 out of 5; They had a great wine selection and the soup that Sarah ordered was very good. However, as far as coffee goes, it wasn’t great. The macchiato was about six ounces and the shot was “dead” before I got it. That was disappointing, but I would still visit for a cute date. They had plenty of options for beer and wine and appetizer-type food.

Stop 4: Steady Hand Pour House

What I got: macchiato & Chemex-poured coffee & siphoned coffee

Rating: 5 out of 5; their care for brewed coffee was so exciting! Many shops focus solely on the espresso, leaving the brewed coffee all alone. We got to the shop five minutes before close, explained our tour, and they were very nice and willing to walk us through the siphoning process, as well as make the other drinks.

Final stop: Little 5 Pizza

What I got: Lasagna

Rating: 8 out of 5. Yes, it’s that good. It might be driven by the fact that I had nothing but coffee all day and therefore was hyped up and starving. But let me say, exquisite.

After my busy, BUSY, BUSY weekend, I spent Sunday relaxing. A whole lot. With Downton Abbey. I’m completely hooked.